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Demegenís natural and novel peptides are being developed for the treatment or prevention of bacterial and fungal infections, including multi-drug resistant varieties. Drug resistance has become a very serious health care issue. New solutions are needed.

Demegen's product development is accomplished through collaborations or licenses with corporate, university and government researchers.

Peptides are small proteins. More than 400 antimicrobial peptides have been discovered in nature. They function as part of the immune systems of animals, insects and plants. These new drugs may be a powerful new tool to combat bacterial, fungal and viral infections. Generally, the peptides bind to and kill harmful microorganisms.

Demegenís peptide portfolio includes two de novo synthetic peptide classes that have demonstrated excellent activity against pathogens along with low toxicity.

Demegen's peptide technology may also be used genetically to prevent serious damage to crops caused by fungal and bacterial diseases. Academic and government researchers have reported successful results in many plant species.