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Almost every crop faces some fungal or bacterial problem. The effectiveness of Demegenís technology in preventing crop diseases has been published by a number of independent researchers around the world. Success has been demonstrated against many important diseases, including Rhizoctonia, Phytophthora, and Erwinia. Currently, farmers spend $6 billion annually to treat these diseases with chemical sprays. Since the core patents and technology are established, Demegen is licensing this technology and expects to receive future royalties as individual crops are commercialized.

Developing a new variety of a crop requires technical expertise specific to that crop. Scientists from the United States Department of Agriculture, universities, and private companies are applying Demegen technologies to a variety of crops including: apples, banana, calla, cocoa, cotton, dogwood, eucalyptus, flowering cherry, grapes, papaya, peanuts, pears, potato, soybean, spruce, strawberry, sugarcane, turfgrass, and wheat.